Ramflex is a versatile, double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring with a hammered surface finish. Due to its combination of two layers with different densities, Ramflex resists wear and the weight of sports equipment, providing optimal shock absorption and energy return. The system is also available in an Interlock version with connectable tiles.

Hundreds of different exercises are available to those looking to train their bodies. Ramflex offers a unique and ideal solution for every type of workout, from freestyle to training with machines. And with Interlock tiles, you can create exercise spaces quickly and easily.

The strength of simplicity.

With its double-layered construction, Ramflex flooring offers an optimal combination of resistance and shock absorption. The 2 millimeter-thick rubber surface layer can withstand wear from weights and light abrasions. Its non-porous surface allows for easy maintenance, and because it’s anti-slip, it provides the perfect grip for every kind of workout, even when users wear minimal or no footwear. The combination of the surface layer and shock-absorbing underlayer ensures perfect dimensional stability and makes Ramflex ideal for a wide range of exercises.