Maintenance Services

Maple Hardwood

Sand & Refinish

Sand your gym floor down to the bare wood and apply seal, paint, and finish, restoring the luster of the original wood.

Sand & Refinish

Screen & Recoat

Keep your gym floor glossy while retaining appropriate traction to keep athletes safe.

screen and recoat

Wood Repair

Repair damages to your gym floor including moisture, scratches, and buckled or cupped boards.

wood repair

Logos & Game Lines

Paint or stain custom letters, borders, logos, and game lines.

logos and game lines

Tennis & Pickleball

Overlay Renovation

Form a long-term cover over your tennis court, eliminating current cracks and ensuring new cracks do not appear.

overlay renovation

Crack Repair

Apply specialty fabric designed to expand as tennis court cracks widen, ensuring cracks no longer shows through to the surface.

crack repair


Reestablish a smooth, even tennis surface, preventing player injuries and improving gameplay.



Crack Repair

Eliminate cracks in your track surface utilizing specialized sealant.

crack repair

Intensive Cleaning

Remove stubborn dirt and abrasive particles along with moss and algae.

intensive cleaning


Reestablish a smooth, even surface, preventing runner injuries and facilitating practice and competition.


Synthetic Turf


Measure the shock-attenuation performance of your playing surface and compare the results against the ASTM International standard.

GMAX test

Grooming & Cleaning

Brush and vacuum your playing surface in all four directions to recompact infill and remove lint, dirt, and debris.

grooming and cleaning

Field Rejuvenation

Replace dirty or contaminated infill, and untangle matted or compacted fibers.

field rejuvenation


Deep Cleaning

Implement intensive cleaning with auto scrubber and pH neutral degreaser to make your vulcanized rubber surface look like new.

deep cleaning