Cooperative Contracts

Procurement solutions that save

U.S. General Services Administration

With GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, the federal government and U.S. Military can procure the athletic surfaces they need, at pre-vetted prices, without the expense and time required to host a multi-bid process.

1Government Procurement Alliance

1GPA is a non-profit governmental purchasing cooperative which allows public entities to take advantage of existing contracts to purchase the athletic surfaces they need. 1GPA’s pooled purchasing power means public and private schools, cities, counties and state entities, as well as colleges, universities and Native American communities can save actual budget dollars on athletic surface contracts utilizing best business practices. All of 1GPA’s contracts are competitively bid and awarded in compliance with state statutes, procurement laws and regulations.

Cooperative Educational Services

CES is the only New Mexico-based purchasing cooperative, serving the state since 1979. CES serves New Mexico’s 89 school districts plus many other public education institutions, including charter schools, two and four-year post-secondary institutions, BIE schools and state schools. CES also serves cities, counties, municipalities, and qualifying non-profits.

Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies

AEPA is a national cooperative of education purchasing professionals representing lead agencies in their respective states. AEPA contracts are bid competitively and tailored to meet each member state’s specific legal requirements.