A 2016 report by the U.S. Department of Education and other school groups showed that the average age of schools in the United States was 44 years old, with the majority's last renovations dating back to 12 years ago.

ALL NEW VinylSport sheet vinyl from MONDO

Vinylsport is a prefabricated multilayer PVC sports flooring that comes in rolls. Its shock absorption values and performance parameters comply with EN 14904, making it ideal for indoor multi-sport facilities.

Speed and ball control are vital.
With its smooth, even surface, Vinylsport provides optimal ball control and playing comfort that lasts throughout the match. Its multilayer surface offers shock absorption and energy return values that are just right for supporting players’ feet during quick changes of direction.


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Mondo rubber flooring in an educational environment strikes the perfect balance between form and function, performance and design.

With large segments of the U.S.population spending time in school buildings, it’s no wonder they show signs of age and need regular updating. Schools in Phoenix and surrounding areas weather countless feet running down the halls, along with scrapes and stains. Education remains in movement, and we believe the structures that house students and educators must evolve to keep up.

When choosing flooring material, you want comfort, durability and beauty. With Mondo rubber flooring, you can achieve the form and function you desire. If you need rubber flooring tiles or rolls and wonder where to buy it, your search ends here.

You can find rubber flooring in Arizona for your school with plenty of features for safety, durability and performance. Plus, our rubber flooring comes in multiple colors and styles to suit different tastes, all within a comparatively low overall cost of ownership. If you select new flooring for a school building or district, it’s well worth considering rubber as an option.

5 reasons to choose Mondo rubber flooring for your school:

  1. Durability: With a UV-cured MONDOshield system to mitigate maintenance and wear resistance in accordance with ASTM standards, Mondo flooring is designed to last. Our 15 year wear-warranty on all products further ensures you invest for the future.
  2. Comfort: Mondo rubber flooring provides comfort to the touch and improves a space’s acoustics. Anti-fatigue features create increased underfoot comfort, while shock and sound absorption properties reduce ambient noise.
  3. Upkeep: A simple maintenance regimen keeps your Mondo flooring in top condition, lowering the overall cost of ownership. Rubber flooring from Mondo does not require stripping or waxing, which means no expensive diamond pad maintenance systems and more money you can keep in your pocket.
  4. Safety: Rubber flooring products from Mondo have excellent fungal, bacterial and microbial resistance to maintain sanitary conditions. It also has superior slip resistance and a Class 1 fire rating.
  5. Sustainability: Mondo flooring is made of 100% recyclable materials, and all of our products have GREENGUARD Gold certification. Every Mondo floor option meets CA Section 01350.

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